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In near future 2030, every morning, humans will wake-up to see disaster caused due to serious climatic changes with no place to move. Humans will regret the actions that turned the heavenly paradise to hell. The news of water moving in-land, rising atmospheric temperature will perish human dreams to live long on the earth. Based on current outlaw activity of humans that caused earth atmosphere to change will outweigh human’s future on earth. Our atmosphere is composed of 99% of nitrogen and oxygen and remaining 1% is Argon, Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), and Ozone (O3). CO2, CH4 and O2 are considered as greenhouse gases and their action is known greenhouse effect. The natural phenomena of the greenhouse gases capable to regulate the temperature make life possible on earth. It is known in physics the hotter object radiates short invisible wavelength radiation in the form of energy as compared other object whose temperature is less, which releases long invisible wavelength radiation. The same action happens between sun and earth, the sun being a hotter object radiates short electromagnetic radiation, whereas the earth who radiates long electromagnetic radiation. In this process of release of long and short wavelength radiation, our greenhouse gases play a vital role, which captures the outgoing energy that causes them to excite and vibrates eventually gets heated up. This keeps earth warmer and making life habitable. So greenhouse gases aren’t that bad, but there increase composition in the atmosphere may be bad. CO2 gas the most abundant among other least abundant greenhouse gases has raised concerned.

Climate Change

The studies have shown after industrial age there is a drastic increase in the CO2 composition of the atmosphere in the 20th century. The Imaginative story that earth might become cold or might get hot will be true if humans kept using things that cause the release of CO2. The use of non-renewable energy resources like fossil fuel adds up to release of CO2 into the air. Due to less escaping velocity, these gases do not escape in space getting trapped in the atmosphere. Majorly electricity is generated through use of coal in the hydroelectric power plant that ultimately releases the massive amount of CO2 in the air. The global use of fossil fuel for human growth is another major cause of release of CO2.

If the maximum percent of the global population does not know what is causing climatic conditions to change, so they should learn, before it’s late. If our media, political leaders, and other climate change organization fail to make awareness among major global population without a science background, humans might end up with no place to move in future. Whether it may be Indian or any human on earth we do not have another home like earth in our solar system. Until humans space exploration to find another habitable planet or to make planet Mars an inhabitant place for the humans, we would have exploited our earth to an extent that our coming generation might not enjoy its resources.

The Captive Greenhouse gases: Good turning bad

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